Saturday, May 23, 2009

The final cut of our short film was submitted on time. The first heats have been screened and we're waiting to see whether we step up to the next level. The genre we received was 'Nature Run Amok'. We took a serious approach to it rather than the comedic delivery we thought other teams might go for. Random elements that had to be included were a character called Alex Puddle who is an exaggerator, a rock, and this line of dialogue: "It doesn't fit". The MovieTime Productions team stayed up all night of Friday 8 May (first time I've stayed up all night since I don't know when - I think I've only achieved it once in my entire life) to write the screenplay.Only the producer and editor saw the final cut before it was submitted but the whole team was treated to a showing after the heats. Our local Basement Theatre kindly let us use their venue. Not specifically, but especially, because we're all first-timers at film-making we think we did a great job. The filming took place at Hells Gate, Andrew's camera work is fantastic, the music by local band Harvest is awesome, Carla's final edit is precise and the two young actors were naturals. On Tuesday 26 May at 10:00am we'll know whether we've gone up to the next level. WATCH THIS SPACE!

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