Thursday, April 16, 2009

Writing a Screenplay!

My friend Layla from MovieTime has entered the 48 hour Furious Film-making competition and has invited me to be one of the writers on her screenplay team. Never written a play or screenplay so this is very exciting! It's totally serious stuff. We have to put together a short film (1 - 7 minutes) beginning Friday night May 8 and ending Sunday night May 10. Don't know the genre until Friday night. I've been researching writing for screen and finding it fascinating - it will have to be very succinct - hopefully we don't get animation or musicals!

Watched a DVD last night called Far North with Sean Bean, one of my favourite actors. I love movies about the frozen north but this one didn't deliver. Fabulous cinematography - the scenery is absolutely stunning. The end was gruesome and disturbing and would have been fine if it had brought storyline and characterisation together but it fell way short. Read my review of Far North on Suite101 (I might have been a bit harsh!). Special personal rant: Michelle Yeoh's beautiful youthful complexion after supposedly spending all her supposedly middle-aged life exposed to the elements of the polar climate.

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