Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Articles on Suite101

Have posted a few new articles on Suite101, most recently New Zealand: Country of Colour and Light and one on New Zealand Travel. I love writing about New Zealand. It's interesting that my most viewed Suite101 articles are one on the Monet exhibition in Wellington and another on my friend Janet Keen, who is a mosaic artist in Rotorua.
We have a fabulous day here today, Easter Friday - a wonderful time to be taking some photographs for other stories.

Made some progress on my new romance - I can say that I've got past the beginning!

So far I haven't sold any art from my exhibition at a local cafe - but have had some good comments. I'm not at all disheartened - it's been a very useful learning experience for me and has encouraged me to think about how to display and sell my work in future.

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  1. Lyn, this is fantastic. Your act is amazing, you are very talented, good luck with your sales. If I had somewhere to hang it I would buy a piece from you.




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