Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What is this Art and Writing Blog About?

I've been thinking hard about what this blog's about. It started as the result of a workshop at the Romance Writers group I belong to. I hurried home, set up a blog and ignored it for the next few months.

Writing for Suite101 online magazine has been a fantastic learning experience in terms of bringing me more up to speed with search engine optimisation, keywords and other techie things that I was previously completely ignorant of. I'm not particularly technologically inclined, but these aspects of the internet have fascinated me. The new knowledge has inspired me to make this Art and Writing blog more substantial.

Working via the internet and email is something that could have been invented for my way of working. I like to work alone; I'm not by nature a team person, but the customer-service ethic has always been inherent in my business practice. I like people - I have faith that most people are intrinsically 'good'.

With millions of people online every day, so much scamming and 'get rich quick' schemes out there, and little, or no personal contact, how do you provide customer service with a blog. How do you build a business that's ethical, profitable and provides a service.

Naturally, this blog will promote my own art and writing, but I will also be featuring and promoting other artists and writers, especially in New Zealand, and the businesses and organisations that support their endeavours. This piece on Copyblogger has helped me to clarify what my blog's about.


  1. Writing is a form of creative art and only few can maintain a good level throughout. I have thouroughly liked the ways you have represented different ideas. Congratulations of maintaining such a wonderful site.

    Paul Mcgill

  2. Hi Lyn,
    I think a blog is a must for creative folks. It helps us process our ideas and reflect on our progress. We also get a little socializing from them as well. I enjoy your perspective. I just started following your blog. If you want, check out my blog at
    Thanks for sharing your insight on this blog and keep up the great work!



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