Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another glorious day here in Rotorua New Zealand. We're well and truly on autumn's margin and the sky is a marvellous cerulean against foliage just beginning to turn golden. This is always a beautiful time of year. Had coffee with friends at the cafe where my art's on show. The artwork looked great and the cafe owner said people especially liked the tree series I call 'Backlit'. I hung this splatter picture of fantails in the cafe today.
I'd love it if this weather could go on forever but my friend Layla has a DVD store (read my article about MovieTime) and she'll be delighted when winter really kicks in. She can't wait until people want to do nothing but settle in for the night with a movie or three. Added a few lines to my new romance novel so I've gone a bit beyond the 'begin something new' commitment I made a week ago!

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